Theatre has the potential to bring us into an intimate space in which actors confront complex and powerful truths underlying outer appearances. An audience can, in the presence of great theatre, touch deep layers of our personal and collective lives.

    Meaning is the stories we tell about our experiences. But often what feels most meaningful to us is shyly held within—a moment of joy or violence unshared, a vision unrealized—and so we feel alone. Scheherazade Theatre is dedicated to weaving together a meaningful whole from these fragments, and presenting this to the public.

    Scheherazade, the teller of the Thousand Nights and a Night, captivates her audience with stories that dazzle and entertain, stories that communicate on the primary level of myth, where desire and dream and fate and grace all mingle.

    This is the mission of Scheherazade Theatre: to bring to audiences plays that are immediate, relevant, and affecting; theatre that makes its characters and images and story alive in the moment; theatre that burns in the memory long after you’ve left the playhouse.